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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Xiaomi displays a phone with a curved screen from all sides


Xiaomi has showcased a new concept smartphone that takes curved screens to the next level, as it features a quad-curved Waterfall screen that wraps smoothly around all edges.

The device is based on the experience that Xiaomi has gained with the Mi Mix Alpha concept that features a screen wrapped around almost the entire device.

The 88-degree quadruple curved screen design allows the visuals to flow over the phone's surface like water.

And the frame of the smartphone is almost completely covered by the screen, while its body holds no ports or buttons, adding to the futuristic design without a port.

Xiaomi strives to find the best balance between imagination and reality.

By pushing the boundaries of the classic smartphone look, Xiaomi engineers tried to make the smartphone as simple as possible and make the current look - which is just a screen - a step closer to life.

Given that flexible screens have become part of the new normal, the biggest challenge in producing the industry's first quad curved waterfall screen was not in screen bending, but rather in manufacturing an 88-degree curved glass panel and the three-dimensional bonding process.

88 degree curved glass broke the technological limits of glass production, and compared to ordinary curved glass, the bending difficulty is greatly increased.

Polishing a piece of this highly bending glass with a deep bend at an angle of 88 degrees on all four sides requires self-developed glass processing equipment, bending under high temperature and pressure of 800 degrees Celsius, four different polishing tools and up to a dozen complex polishing procedures, and most importantly Thousands of attempts to produce this kind of glass.

And in order to attach such a piece of 88-degree curved glass to a flexible screen, an innovative screen stacking design was adopted through an innovative three-dimensional bonding process, and all this includes perfect and flawless screen performance.

This design ensures that the screen covers nearly every aspect of the phone, and thanks to 46 patented self-developing technologies, the functionality of ports and physical buttons can be brought in with more elegant alternatives.

Ground-breaking technologies and engineering solutions - including ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics, industry-first acoustic technology, 3G under-display cameras, wireless charging, eSIMs and pressure sensitive touch sensors - seamlessly combine to form the current device.

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