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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Owlcam unveils a smart car camera that enhances night vision


Owlcam has revealed a new $ 270 smart car camera that comes with infrared sensors for night recording, instead of the bright light from previous models.

The new revelations are confirmation that the Owlcam's tumultuous story is far from over.

The company was founded in 2018 as a manufacturer of innovative smart cameras equipped with LTE technology for the dashboard from Andy Hodge, formerly responsible for iPads at Apple.

The company faced a tumultuous launch, went out of business at the end of 2019, and was revived under the direction of the new owners, Callpass and Xirgo, last year.

Owlcam 5.0 is the latest version of In-Vehicle Security, a camera and cloud-based setup that brings existing features, such as in-vehicle and outdoor photo capture, and adds more.

And the cameras feature an unlimited LTE connection, so it can be used to upload your videos for $ 20 a month or $ 192 a year.

The camera also features an internal storage space of 160GB, which can record 160 hours of HD videos.

Ad there is also cloud-based storage, which automatically captures videos of people, cars, intrusions, accidents, or any kind of problem occurring to your car.

The camera gets infrared sensors that enhance its night vision inside the car so that it is still possible to capture live performances and video recordings even if the car is surrounded by complete darkness.

Voice commands that the camera responds to include a command to start recording if someone is interacting with the police, and all subsequent shots are automatically saved in the cloud.

In addition, there is a WiFi mode, which allows you to transfer the footage directly to your phone, but you need to subscribe to Owlcam's LTE service for at least one month to activate this feature.

The only solution at the present time is for the new customers of the company to register for at least one month, and you can enable and disable your subscription as you need, so that you are not bound by any contract.

In addition, the camera can automatically call and alert emergency services when an accident is detected, and a panic button and other safety tools are added to the Owlcam mobile app.

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