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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Lily is the smartwatch women have been waiting for

Garmin released its new smartwatch called Lily, and its main selling point is that Garmin claims to be the small and trendy smartwatch that women have been waiting for, depending on its size and design, which makes it very trendy.

The aluminum sports version with a silicone strap is $ 199, while the classic stainless steel version is $ 250 and comes with a leather strap.

Garmin claims to be the smartwatch women have been waiting for, however, it is clear that Lily has abandoned some important features to achieve those looks, as one of the main selling points of the Lily watch is that it is small.

The watch comes in a circular shape, and has a diameter of 34.5 mm, while the Apple Watch SE, the smaller 40 mm, is a rectangle of 40 x 34 mm.

In terms of space, this means that the Apple Watch occupies 1360 square millimeters on your wrist, while Lily only takes about 935 square millimeters.

By those calculations, this means that Lily covers 31 percent less than your wrist, and is Garmin's smallest smartwatch.

The watch comes in a circular motion to look like a classic non-smart watch, and it has a patterned background, but the screen is touch sensitive, monochrome, and looks somewhat different compared to similar watches in terms of price from Apple and Samsung, which include color screens.

This will likely help preserve battery life, and as Garmin claims, it should last up to five days, and last for 14 days of activity tracking.

And if the strap design is important to you, you may not prefer this watch, as the Lily straps are special.

Garmin doesn't seem to be selling more in their store yet, and in addition, you cannot mix and match belts, as the colors are identical to the box.

Garmin puts a lot of emphasis on fitness tracking through its smartwatches, and the Lily watch can track steps, workouts, sleep, stress levels, blood oxygen saturation, menstrual cycles and pregnancies.

Lily doesn't include GPS, offline music, or the built-in Garmin Pay app.

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