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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Here is the not-yet-announced DJI FPV COMBO plane


DJI's first first-person drone hasn't been largely classified for months, but a video has now emerged showing the new DJI FPV COMBO quadricopter with its console and FPV goggles from nearly every angle.

The stickers sticking out in the upper right-hand corner indicate that it is not for sale as it is a test unit, which means that some details regarding the DJI FPV COMBO aircraft may change before the expected launch in March.

The video shows the presence of a group of front and bottom cameras that are likely to be obstructive avoidance sensors, in addition to the large main camera installed high in the cover of the drone.

The underside of the drone also has two infrared and LED sensors to aid in low-light landings.

The battery comes in a long rectangle that attaches directly to the back, and the kit appears to come with a charger and a portable power bank to extend battery life - although it is unclear which device it is connected to.

The cosole's new design is inspired by the console's joysticks, with individual handles for each hand and the trigger buttons located at the back.

The controller also includes the familiar DJI detachable joysticks inside each handle, a MicroSD card slot, and a USB-C charging port.

And the video says: The new V2 glasses look lighter than the DJI glasses that were originally introduced in 2019, even if the design looks exactly the same.

There are no actual flight footage yet of the DJI FPV COMBO plane, and the group that filmed this video (Dominion Drones) is not expected to release footage anytime soon.

The video first appeared on Dominion Drones' YouTube channel before it was removed shortly after, and there is no trace of the video there, but the video is on the SpiderMonkey FPV channel instead.

In December 2020, the Trump administration added the Chinese company to its blacklist, citing its ties with the Chinese government.

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