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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Review of the iPhone 12 mini smartphone


The iPhone 12 mini did not come with a new design from previous generations of the iPhone. This is one of his drawbacks. But on the other hand, Apple added some simple developments, such as changing the shape of the phone's outer frame so that it is thicker, and the front notch area of ​​the phone appears slightly smaller than previous generations.

But the different design of the phone hides many developments inside it. The first in terms of the screen that comes today is made of ceramic with a new technology that makes it more able to resist scratches and bumps than previous generations of iPhone. The weight of the phone is 135 grams

One of the biggest and most important advances in the iPhone 12 mini is its ability to capture mobile waves of the fifth generation. This is what drives many users to buy the phone in preparation to enter the world of the fifth generation even if the service is not activated in many Arab countries yet.

The screen of the Super Retina XDR OLED phone is 5.4 inches. And this size, although some users see it is small, but the screen acquisition rate is about 85%, which makes the experience of using the phone better in addition to the screen resolution, which has greatly improved and its ability to perform under direct sunlight (476 pixels per inch) makes the screen performance more than Especially satisfactory with the small phone size. With the usual Apple features like True-tone

IPhone 12 mini comes with the distinctive Apple A14 Bionic processor. It is the same processor in the other iPhone 12 phones, which gives the phone exceptional performance with the latest and most powerful processor from Apple so far, which is one of the most important features of the phone.

The iPhone 12 mini is available in options of 64, 128 or 256 GB, which are sufficient space for internal storage, but it was the first for Apple to cancel the storage capacity of 64 GB, which does not allow storing many files next to the storage space reserved for the system. Especially since the phone is flawed by the inability to increase the space through external memory cards. Therefore, users are advised to consider getting the largest storage capacity they can get on budget when purchasing the phone.

IPhone 12 mini offers a more than wonderful photography experience through the dual rear cameras of 12 mega pixels each. One with a wide lens, the second with an ultra-wide lens, and a front camera with the same resolution with a wide lens. The rear or front cameras provide a resolution of up to 4K at 60 frames per second with regard to video shooting, which means excellent ability to shoot videos and still images with the front and back camera alike.

The iPhone 12 mini supports stereo-quality audio playback, but without the ability to receive radio waves, connect to the headphones in 3.5 mm mode, or connect to the OTG mode, and the sound quality of the phone is good with previous versions of Apple phones, but there are no huge changes here.

Apple does not announce the battery capacity of its phones, but reports and tests say that the battery capacity is about 2227 mAh with the ability to fast charge 20 watts and wireless charging of 12 watts, although the battery capacity of the phone is the lowest among the rest of the series phones, but this is understandable as a result of the size Small phone.


The operating system that was mentioned as the last system that smartphones mentioned in the article accept, is the system mentioned on the company's official website at the time the article was written, and some smartphones may accept upgrades to the latest versions of operating systems.

The prices of smartphones mentioned in this article are the prices listed in the stores at the time the article was published, and the prices fluctuate up and down according to the movement of the markets.

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